Tekken 3D Prime Edition

Tekken 3D Prime Edition Box ArtTekken is a powerhouse in the field of 3D fighting game, and in theaters all over the world. The franchise has been adjusted on several platforms, and is no stranger to both consoles and handhelds brought to everything from PlayStation to the Game Boy Advance.

Now the series is celebrating its debut on the Nintendo 3DS with the first edition of Tekken 3D, the first 3D iteration Series laptop.

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Creates 3D Tekken first edition to get a good foundation. The fight with the liquid that the series has become known for, and the graphics are excellent. The fight takes place at an easy pace and silky regardless of whether or not 3D compatible. The list of the fight is also impressive, offering an extensive list of Tekken 6th But beyond the basics, the first 3D Tekken is very superficial, very poor standard offline one-on-one combat.You will not find much in the way of publishing here, a stark contrast to other games in the Tekken series.

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3D first edition Tekken the pace really fast, fluid action nailed the series, and it is as good as it is done on the consoles. The 3DS iteration of the series does an excellent job of capturing the speed and intensity of Tekken 6 and gameplay elements that Tetsu power (which increases the strength of character, shortly after receiving a beating).The characters feel like they have in the past, and doing very little 3DS compromise with the formula of the series.

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A little cramped on a button layout 3DS is not suitable for the game of intense fighting, so that the developers have decided to find a compromise solution include the addition of four buttons on the touch screen for movement of each character is more complex, similar to the system in other fighting games seen on the handheld.

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Tekken has stacked Prime 3D Edition, a complete list of Tekken 6, with about 40 fighters in total. The main difference is that 3D was the younger version of Tekken Heihachi Mishima (Tekken Tag Tournament 2) instead of the conventional version, the oldest of the character in Tekken 6th The characters are diverse, which is a mix of classics and newcomers, everyone has a balanced fighting style.

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Unfortunately, when it comes to depth outside of the actual fighting, Tekken among the first 3D output. The modes are easy ways to fight against almost no real story or even elements of adaptation.

Battle Mode of the game is the standard mode faster than 10 arcade style enemies, to the credit sequence, while the animation is a special means of resistance, where he must fight a series of round battle to get new cards ( more information in a second). Other than that, it really is not much here in the deep.

Instead able to customize your character, which is given instead of a collection of maps. You earn points and maps of maps to the set of species survival and quick battle modes, which can then turn around and trade with other players by Street pass function in. There is complete hundreds of cards that can be unlocked, each with a different static image past Tekken. The element of the negotiation process of these cards adds an element common to the normal rate of play Tekken, but does not offer as much depth as the currency and matching elements from other games of Tekken. You can change elements of character, including your name and match the color of his suit, but other than that, are adaptations elements, essentially, no.

The game moves on some smooth 60 frames per second clip, even in 3D, which is considered an impressive achievement in 3DS. The character models are well animated, and have a good amount of detail. Overall, this is one of the best games of the research on the platform and showcase for its 3D capabilities.

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3D is the first edition Tekken permanent accessory to the series of the struggle to rebuild quickly and smoothly on a handheld. But the lack of real depth in the manners and lack of customization options for their fighters, it's hard to want to spend much time with her.