Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins Box ArtAfter many years of appearing in a franchise that can not be more, Rayman is back to his roots and is the main character in a 2D platform game reminiscent of his first title. The story is not available, the graphics are simple and the game is easy to recognize. Solo is the way I want.

Rayman Origins is a 2D platform game with some twists. You are free through nine main worlds, each with five levels, plus a stage shoot-em-up or a boss fight, the world of Darktoons and go save the captured doll. This saves the extra capacity, the float. You have to reach as many roses Electoons discover the secrets of cheese creatures as possible or easy to reach the final stage of a given area.

Rayman Origins Screenshot

From the perspective of the design brief, not much older than him. Origins has accumulate a lot of notes in his progression from the old Crash Bandicoot series, with time trials and secret conspiracies Electoon throughout Central and bonuses to a certain degree of yellow floating pickup, call Lum, at all levels. There are a few bonus levels as well, which behave similarly to the bosses of Super Meat Boy, which requires you to follow a treasure chest with perfect timing to dodge obstacles.

Rayman Origins Screenshot

What the platform itself, Rayman Origins is sublime. Control of one of three characters (plus a lot of costumes to unlock) is smooth and powerful, a perfect balance for all the Mario titles and Super Meat Boy shaking. Are right wall are particularly impressive and accurate and that the stationary problem, I will be with Rayman 2, where the pop allow himself had appeared by chance, is nonexistent.

Rayman Origins Screenshot

There is no other way to say the game Rayman Origins base is just fun. Bypassing a dynamic landscape, punching and jumping on enemies, avoid obstacles and poor is something that real flair that will never be old.The establishment of the checkpoint is also good, with the doors between the rooms, an alternative to restarting when you die, and each room is very small.

Levels that take longer than 10 minutes on your first attempt, but it could have been increased by the speed, the test times for the average maturity of less than three minutes. Gunning is through the levels, lines of development and management of clean lines of something that takes many attempts, but it is quite interesting. It is also set to collect the largest possible number of Lum, a whole new level. This requires, however, to take hunting and gathering secret hideout multipliers both the right to the greatest possible number of them.It quickly becomes very difficult to get a gold loop for each step, but not enough to make it more difficult to handle, and that only increases satisfaction.

There is a problem with this emphasis on the pursuit of votes, however, is that it denies one of the ball in the back of the box: multiplayer mode. I only played a few levels with my younger sister, but it was clear that these levels with jumps and precise way for a solo experience Lum were made. I would add that another player may be concerted efforts to achieve high scores feel the lack of coordination and it is really difficult. Moreover, we found by chance met a lot of the other, which did little angry, but to us with their frequency.From the standpoint of pure function that adds little to the multiplayer game, but a little more chaos. And it was only two players.

Other than that, the game is more or less perfect. This is mainly due to the simplistic nature of the game world, the less room for error. Ubisoft had to do it all was to manage the basics, and the rest could take care of themselves. The gameplay is simple enough fun, but what about the display value?

3DS R4 cartridge

Seriously, I love this game, words can not describe how much a breath of fresh air, the memory of the past. Apart from the difficulty spike, Rayman Origins is a Master Class Experience, an exercise in gameplay, that perfection is not to be missed by everyone.