Monster Hunter 3G

Monster Hunter 3G Box ArtMonster Hunter G Monster Hunter Tri Wii brings 3DS, with lots of additional features, content partners Monster Hunter PSP and a pinch of monsters and new. Watthew is a master of the Wii, but this is not a simple port of its predecessor - Tri G is built by the same parties but different. Almost.

There is a glaring omission. Sort breaks G online multiplayer and party also called Monster Hunter, and replaced them with local multiplayer. Therefore Watthew is a Lonely Hunter. Monster Hunter in Japan, where he often played in places such as cafes huge, but importers to always be alone with him.

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One in which a man can not follow simple instructions, died several times the Minor Threat, and accidentally sells better weapons before the biggest fight of his life. It is the story of an idiot, full of sound and fury, the return from the hunt with anything. It made starts in the same city as Tri, where Watthew soon makes his first error - in conversation with a cat dressed as a pirate, and say "yes" (we think). He awoke in a strange city in a new bed next to a kitten looking smug.

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It is the center of multi-player hunting antics kind of G, and one more than the standard tri city ordered all the necessary resources ahunter hand - a simple blacksmith, shops, restaurants and research counter. Even in single-player games to spend much time here with the menus and the currencies of juggling, especially if you are not sure what you want to buy.

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If you do not speak Japanese and can not Watthew, Monster Hunter is the text of a problem. There is a huge amount, but it tends to be very important. It is quite possible to get through acquisitions and improvements in the early stages, mainly due to statistics of the individual elements, but later, the selection is so incredibly diverse that a lot of time analyzing. Trig is a sidequest on a farm in the village center to function effectively and provide the basis for the art to get potions, but the work without knowing what elements is difficult - it's a real chance in the Wii version.

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But can the language barrier hurts the most when evacuated, because most of the tasks will be to something specific level Triple G. collecting all this from a fungus to a butterfly in a band Kraftwerk to be especially, and although it is possible to roughly calculate what type of element to be (different kinds of elements have different symbols), is the only way to know the concrete in the text.

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It was first based Watthew five hours instead of trial and error. However, collected with appropriate elements had to roast the largest bird - called in the first case, giant bird Qurupeco. The red fly thought, horn-noses was quite weak in the first type, but that's exactly the kind of thinking Watthew whupped.

Qurupeco were taking steroids, going to the gym and take your vitamins. In the first game, took the Watthew with insulting ease, his lips so filthy beak a devastating attack on licking the white light. Each mission you three attempts, so fearlessly, our brave hero jumped back into the fray. And I stopped again and again and again.

Back in the village of a player, normal service will soon be back on: anger Watthew Qurupeco visited in a terrible conflict in the former. Although the bird plays hadthe disappointment call for a dragon to help fool the stupid flight over time, their pride broken wing feathers and stones broken.A real Ludroth was the next, and against these monsters 3D Water Effects Tri G considered.

Three G is impressive when it is under water - the peaks and 3D debris floating life, while the damping warble tone and Marine calls through the speakers. As the Monster Hunter, and move in this environment is fascinating, and the battles are among the most memorable. A real Ludroth is one thing - some deaths - but it was soon against a Gobul a nightmare, the summit covered monkfish with a large mouth you have ever seen Watthew. Many of the deaths. And as for Lagiacrus ... That it holds an ocean somewhere, Watthew.

They are the monsters that are so special to fight, however, and three G is perfect menagerie. Larger versions of the basic enemies are, the more things and more - at the end facing you leviathans 20 times the size of your fighter.These creatures are shot, bite and throw like animals mercilessly wipe arrogant fighter, and try to escape if something goes wrong. Their bodies are curvy and curly and a super power: the roar is frightening. More importantly, when to kill you, you can do it in a hat.

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This is another part of the long-term attractiveness of the Monster Hunter - things from parts of dead monsters - and in the Tri G still as good as this shop remains of slaughtered animals and bring them to a blacksmith, which means so is the element . By theend Watthew Dracula-like armor has been designed from a blank poison-bat thing, and makes a giant from the backbone of the Royal Ludroth formed distribution.All times are enormous in the Tri G possible. But it is precisely for this reason the kind of game you expect - they play outside of Japan is not, hunting companions, so probably there is no way out, the best thing to see what it offers. Three G is a redesign much of what was already a great game, and probably more content than any other title 3DS available - so it's a shame that we do not get to play until later this year. What is this the 90s?