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Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked Box ArtFor a turn, announced that Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor has for 3DS game proves to be a major port of the original DS, rather than a continuation of his. In fact, the real consequence is more, instead of the handheld. In any case, this is probably more important is the original game in the minds of fans, whether you play Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked. While the game itself is not reason enough, 3DS, many new features and enhancements that make it worth playing again, especially if you buy have not seen all the endings.

For those who are new to the game, the history of Devil Survivor begins with the protagonist nameable and two of his friends, the video-gaming systems services Comps called his cousin, which are very similar to the 3DS is arrived. His friend Atsuro soon open a program can call the Demmons. Soon after, many other demons begin to appear in Tokyo and an explosion rocks the area. The area of ​​the Tokyo Yamanote is rapidly under blockade by the government, probably because of the invasion of these creatures from another world. "The compositions of the character's ability, the numbers are on the minds of others who have, how many days ceased to live shows. No one in the block area has more than seven days.

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Like the original, the story of the main theme of the game and properly made. The main plot is very absorbent, and the players want to know what happens next. The sense of urgency is reflected very clearly and well used. Not only is it obviously can be within seven days, the characters in the game still in danger, something warned in advance of an e-mail to predict the future. This tension also affects NPC's that people are desperate in their action to evade the blockade, and turning on each other.Many of these people also have their own exhibition organizer comps, the frightened, of course, those who do not. The total value of the property with the excellent location of Atlus USA compensates for any disorder is nothing to the story in 30 minutes divided in sections of non-linear gameplay.It's hard on the eighth day, a new overclocking features, without talking in massive spoilers, but felt hit the road for this review is like a natural extension of the story. It should be noted that all of their own golf history has accompanied the eighth day.

Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked Screenshot

Another highlight of the story is its multiple paths to five different endings. Although it may be difficult to get certain paths without a guide in order to save lives and make decisions, players can choose between at least some of the possible endings. These multiple paths through the game is also about the characters and NPCs that appear as flat, else can learn. This is Devil Survivor Overclocked lots of replay value, but unfortunately the original game had even more.Overclocking depending on the use of evidence obtained by different tasks, is nothing next to the original game automatic granting of benefits of using New Game +. Just enough points to move some of the demons may very well trained to be frustrating.

Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked Screenshot

Devil Survivor battle system is a fascinating hybrid strategy and the traditional first-person turn-based battles. In each session a maximum of four player characters are brought, accompanied by two demons, or acquired by the auction of the devil or the result of the merger of his brothers. Units moved into the battlefield, with the share of battles with demons and enemies of man.Once the battle begins, players can choose to use what attacks on the opposing team. During the battles by defeating the team leader, the devil or man at the center, experience points and Macca can more (money) can be obtained in a team to be won by defeating three opponents. Hitting the opponent's weakness or a critical hit, the fighters can earn extra shifts or extra innings to eliminate opponents. The first part of the battle also gets extra innings and gave a boost in agility.

May be the struggle against the bosses harder than expected, especially on certain roads. Although it is always possible to grind to a level that is at least as an option to have to participate in a free fight, a cover of experience points over time is gaining slow down. The use of the strategy, in particular by the vulnerabilities important to win these battles more difficult. Do you have a good strategy, with the corresponding demons, fights are more fun than frustrating.A common frustration is on the battles in which the NPC must be protected, as enemy targets civillians infallible, if possible. Overclocking is an easy way, but that does not necessarily mean that the battles less difficult, since its main effect is to remove level plug, just to gain experience.

In terms of skills, Devil Survivor makes great use of character / demon adaptation through the cracks of the skills, abilities, needs and mergers. Human characters can break new skills in the ability of the menu during the preparation of the battlefield and decide what skills to learn how to defeat an opponent, especially learning, provided that the minimum statistical requirements are met.No two characters, players can learn the same skills, but skills can be moved from one character to another, when to break them. This versatility, combined to fit the natural forces of the characters is a big advantage for battles. Demons are less adaptable, but with a little time and patience, which is best for the job very doable. During the fighting demons can teach any skill commands previously broken by a man, if you win enough magnetite. From the metro-magnetite is invisible, it is very difficult to say when a new skill can be taught. As with the standard series of fusion can both see what the result will be a combination of devil, and find the necessary steps to ensure the desired result. Since the forces are transferred to the new daemon can choose freely, it allows fusion of the chain to get the required skill in a particular demon. Overclocking also contains a summary of how other Megami Tensei title in which the demons are saved and may convene a high price again.

The graphics are much sharper than the original DS, as the portraits of the characters and sprites. In this first stage of the life cycle of the 3DS is difficult to say how they compare to their potential, but at least easy on the eyes. The sprites are very versatile, expressive movements to the lack of scenes that tell the story to compensate in some other way. The use of stereoscopic 3D is very low, only appear in the opening film, and when the demons of the merger.

Most music is the DS title, with a handful of new songs. Although the lack of "reset" is a bit disappointing, "Soul Survive" the new theme is certainly as good.Although there are a number of great songs, play a surprisingly small amount of music, and some of his pieces are less impressive perhaps is used too often.Fortunately, the two new songs are fantastic, both used in a new phase of his head on the eighth day.

Act is one of the biggest changes in the overclocking the inclusion of the voice, dialogue seems to ring every game Atlus up to date, plus an already strong story. The players have worked hard in its lines and the voices of most of the characters are entirely appropriate. It may have one or two people involved with some people, but not bad for ruining the experience. While the actor built up of several well-known personalities of the anime in Los Angeles are, it seems that most of the main characters, which are made of small players. Interestingly, and perhaps not surprising that most of the demons who do not speak the lines fully manifested, but grunt, growl, and sigh. Plenty of sound effects for the different types of hell is to be a nice gesture.

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Despite the reduction in benefits + game Devil Survivor is a disadvantage, Overclocked is make the effort to play and play again. Dubbing complements the action, new demons and skills an advantage in battle, and though I can not speak for the quality of all scenarios, the eighth day, at least one of them is an extension done well on the property. Even small details such as enhanced graphics, improved font and new music added to the gaming experience rather than have three memory slots also greatly appreciated. Overclocking may not be a new title, but can for the fans, or have received a 3DS, it is certainly worth your time. Of course, any new Devil Survivor to collect this version if you have access to 3DS.Devil survivor was one of the best DS games and overclocking is a big title in the 3DS have.